Aiwass (born Luciano Gazzo) is a member of the Starlight Sector and is the unofficial second-in-command of the organization.


Aiwass is a man with a tan, Mediterranean complexion and long brown hair tied in a ponytail. He has gray eyes. When he was still a college student, Aiwass kept his hair down and wore a pair of square-rimmed glasses.


Aiwass, when he still went by the name Luciano, was regarded by his peers as being extremely enthusiastic and somewhat hyper-competitive. He was a phenomenal athlete and loved celebrating his every victory, much to the irritation of his teammates, whom he rarely credited or held in high regard.

Following his near-death experience and his abandonment of his former name, Aiwass became more composed. Though still very competitive, he keeps his urges in check and meditates daily on the blessings of the Great Old One, hoping to hone his mind for the betterment of prayer and worship. He is feared by the lower members of the Starlight Sector as being ruthless about showing respect to the Great Old One and to Sraosha Nama; despite Nama's teachings, Aiwass will not hesitate to resort to threats of physical violence in order to keep members of the Sector in line.


Not much is known about the details of Aiwass' history. He was a student at Yale University and was on vacation in California when he experienced a traumatic accident that left him a changed man. Following his graduation in 2008, Aiwass moved to California and became a squatter on the Starlight Sector's property, refusing to move until Nama herself taught him further about the Great Old One's teachings. From then on he abandoned his given name and became a devoted member of the organization.


  • Blessing of the Great Old One: As a highly-ranked member of the Starlight Sector, Aiwass has been conferred a blessing from the Great Old One.
    • Enhanced Strength: Aiwass' strength is somewhat above-average.
    • Enhanced Stamina: Aiwass can remain physically active for a considerable length of time without becoming tired.
    • Clairvoyant Epiphany: Aiwass has been given the gift of clairvoyance; however, he has yet to master this power, and his prophetic visions only come through in random, epiphanic bursts.
  • Ability - Extreme Divider: Aiwass' Ability allows him to create barriers of various shapes and substances to impede his targets' movement or trap them in corners. Due to its limited applications, it is classified as a Delta Threat Ability.
    • Wide Block: Aiwass creates a lengthy barrier that curves inwards around its target.
    • Wide Reception: A follow-up to Wide Block that swings the barrier inwards and wraps it around the target, ensnaring them.
    • Fast Block: Aiwass creates a small barrier from the palm of his hand that blocks and deflects a single incoming attack.
    • Fast Barrage: Aiwass uses Fast Block in rapid succession and with both hands; the discarded barriers are recycled into new ones as they are thrown away.