Jahanara Fawzi (alias Diamond Darling, commonly referred to simply as Darling) is a member of Penance. She is the organization's newest member and possesses the Ability of Envy.


Darling is a tall young woman with a slender frame. She has dark blue eyes and brown hair, which is shaved nearly bald on the right side of her head, while the left side is longer and styled into several spikes that fall over the side of her face and obscure her left eye. She wears a turquoise sweatshirt with a black pattern and a white fur trim over a plain white t-shirt. Her pants are black, and she is always seen barefoot. She has a series of intricate tattoos that encircle her entire body, covering almost all of her back and shoulders.


Darling has quickly created a reputation for herself in Penance for being extremely abrasive and stubborn. She is the only member of the organization to show any level of disrespect towards Virgil, an attitude that has made her unpopular among the other Penance members. She avoids socialization and prefers to spend time alone. Despite this, Darling is, to the surprise of the other members of Penance, exceptionally good with children and knows almost instinctively how to treat them properly.


Darling grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel, using the name Jahanara Fawzi, but attended college in the United States and became a dual citizen some time thereafter.

During her stay at college, Jahanara became affiliated with a group known as Labrys. After becoming a member, she suspended the use of her birth name and adopted the moniker Diamond Darling. Through unknown means, she was given the Ability of Envy by the members of Labrys, but due to the actions she performed to receive the Ability, she left the group and has since sworn to never use her Ability again.

Following her stay with Labrys, Darling dropped out of college and lived on the streets of Los Angeles for a time. It's there that she learned how to use Gun Tongue from a man named Zaidoun the Greater. Darling moved to rural Nebraska to help hone her technique; it's here that she was found by Virgil and offered a spot in Penance.


  • Envy - Darling has obtained an Ability known as Envy. It is an Alpha Threat Ability, one of very few to still exist. The exact details of Envy are unknown, but Darling claims to be unable to bring herself to use it. It was given to her by the members of Labrys.
  • Gun Tongue - Darling is proficient in the use of Gun Tongue, having studied for years under Zaidoun the Greater.

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