Ilver Garden is a large botanical complex located on a private island off the coast of Washington. Initially built by Robert and Cassidy Ilver as a haven for endangered plant species, it has been abandoned for years but continues to be meticulously maintained by an unseen caretaker.


The garden encompasses the entirety of the Ilver family island and features seven distinct buildings connected by an enormous atrium. Each building houses plants of a different earthly biome, while the central atrium is home to various species of wildflowers and a particularly large species of redwood that marks the exact center of the complex. Small rectangular rooms connect the biome buildings to one another, each of which is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology that eradicates pollen and other contaminants from passers-by so as to avoid polluting different biomes.

The Ilvers' private living quarters are attached to the main entrance and feature a walkway that passes through the upper sections of each building and the atrium.


Robert and Cassidy Ilver built Ilver Garden, which was then called the Washington State Endangered Flora Conservatory, in 2009 using a grant from the state government. As both Robert and Cassidy were established names in the world of conservation biology, they received donations from around the world, in addition to their own contributions, that helped establish the Conservatory.

A press tour was given in August of 2011 that showed the almost fully-finished Conservatory in operation. The Conservatory was set to open for limited public viewing starting in the spring of 2012. However, the Ilver family announced that winter that the Conservatory's grand opening would be delayed. Shortly thereafter, both Robert and Cassidy went missing, having completely sealed the Conservatory before doing so. A single letter left by Cassidy Ilver on the front door of the main building stated that the Conservatory was to be legally deemed private property and renamed to reflect this change. Attached alongside the note were several blueprints of the buildings, showing previously-unrecorded passageways and planned expansions that were never built.

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