Labrys is a small secret society operating out of an unnamed New York college. It is technically classified as a sorority organization, though its members convene in secret.


Not much is known of how or why Labrys was started. It was founded many years ago by the great-great-grandmother of Poppy Chagamy, and began as a secret club whose activites were unrelated to the college. However, as time went on, Labrys began to funnel its membership through sororities on campus and ultimately moved itself entirely onto campus.


Diamond Darling, who has experienced the initiation ceremony of Labrys first-hand, claims it is "inhuman" and refuses to elaborate. New members of Labrys are given a new name, all of which contain the suffix "Darling." The name given is meant to represent an aspect of that member's personality that will contribute the greatest to the welfare of Labrys on the whole.


Current MembersEdit

  • Poppy Chagamy - The current head of Labrys and the great-great-granddaughter of its founding member.
  • Ivy - Diamond Darling's close friend who first brought her into Labrys.

Former MembersEdit

  • Jahanara Fawzi - Though officially inducted, Jahanara took the name Diamond Darling and fled after what she was forced to go through to obtain the Ability of Envy and become a fully-fledged Labrys member.

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