Neur Miir is a member of Penance. He possesses the Ability of Pride.


Neur Miir is a large, dark-skinned man with a fairly muscular build, short black hair, and hazel eyes. Miir always dresses immaculately, wearing only the finest business suits complete with golden cufflinks and a pocket kerchief. He owns at least ten such suits and has dozens of matching ties and shirts.


Miir has a refined personality and highly values an analytical approach to problems. He often acts as a level-headed moderator in heated debates amongst the members of Penance. He flaunts his large vocabulary to fluster others. He also greatly enjoys debating issues and being exposed to new perspectives. Miir dislikes physical aggression, believing it to be below his standards. By extension, he greatly dislikes most sporting events. Miir prefers to spend his time studying a wide variety of subjects, both out of a love of learning and a desire to strengthen the effects of Pride.

Miir loves role-playing video games. However, because he finds them "uncivilized," he feels the need to hide his interest in them from the other members of Penance.


Miir grew up in Ra's Lanuf, Libya, as the eldest of six children. His family lived in poverty, as his father's income was meager. At age 14, Miir's father died in a mysterious explosion at a local marketplace; shortly thereafter his mother abandoned her children to live with her lover in England. Miir became the caretaker for his younger siblings, but with no income, the six children often had to steal food to get by. They were forced to vacate their home and lived in a large empty tunnel on the outskirts of the city. Two of Miir's younger brothers became ill from their foul living environment, forcing Miir and the other children to search out medication and professional help to aide their afflicted siblings.

When he was 17, Miir awakened to the power of Pride. He was able to use his Ability to find help for his ailing brothers, though they never fully recovered from their sickness.

Miir was discovered by Virgil in Misrata when he was 20, having spent much of his time since discovering his power using Pride to provide his siblings with a lavish lifestyle. Miir was inducted into Penance shortly thereafter, leaving the upkeep of his siblings' home to the second-eldest child, 18 year-old Shami.

Miir learned some time later that his siblings had been inducted into a criminal organization run by a warlord named Ussun Dogartz; however, he was powerless to save them while remaining an active member of Penance.


  • Pride - Through unknown means, Miir has acquired an Ability known as Pride, which has a variety of functions.
    • Illusory Creations - Pride allows Miir to create illusions that fool the senses of others. The main drawback of this power is that Miir cannot create objects that he has no working knowledge of; though he was easily able to create a luxurious mansion for his brothers and sisters to live in, he had to consult an actual architect to learn how the details of the house were to function. Additionally, Miir was unable to create medicine to treat his sick brothers, as he had no knowledge of how to construct the proper chemicals to treat their illness.
    • Memory Falsification - Pride's more potent power is that it allows Miir to insert false memories into the minds of others. The only requirement for these memories is that they must involve Miir himself in some way, even in an insignificant manner. The process of inserting false memories is taxing; Miir can only produce so many before he becomes mentally exhausted, though he is training to be able to use this power more effectively.
  • Ink Tongue - Miir has some basic knowledge of Ink Tongue incantations, which he learned from his extensive studies.

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