Penance is a mysterious organization based out of New York City. It is comprised of nine members. The members of Penance operate largely independently of one another, though they seem to share a common, enigmatic goal. Each member of Penance has a potent Supernatural Ability, classifying each of them as an Alpha Threat.


Not much is known about how Penance was first established, though it seems to have sprung up relatively recently, as its current leader, Virgil Gray, is also its first. Diamond Darling is also confirmed as being the most recent member to join the organization, having done so in January, 2013.

Current MembersEdit

  • Virgil Gray, founding member and de facto leader. He possesses an unknown Alpha Threat Ability.
  • Teddy Obonx, full name Theodore Lutgarssen Obonxeionovic. His Ability is known as Wrath.
  • Diabolus, a.k.a. Deanthony Marsh. His Ability is known as Gluttony.
  • Abbie McPherson. Her Ability is known as Sloth.
  • Neur Miir. His Ability is known as Pride.
  • Talon Ripley. He and Shirah Valentino share the Ability of Lust.
  • Shirah Valentino. She and Talon Ripley share the Ability of Lust.
  • Mike Scheerwitt. His Ability is known as Greed.
  • Diamond Darling, a.k.a. Jahanara Fawzi. Her Ability is known as Envy.

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