Sraosha Nama is the current leader of the Starlight Sector. Nama is biologically male, but identifies as female. She is classified as an Alpha Threat by the Enforcement and is one of three figures known as the Kings of the New Era.


Nama is a short, tanned young woman. She has very long brown hair accented with bright cyan and red highlights, as well as intricate golden hair ornaments. Her typical outfit is a notably bizarre rendition of the standard Starlight Sector uniform, consisting of pale yellow robes cut away to reveal her midriff, long sleeves with finger holes, and a shawl that wraps around her head and face, obscuring her nose and mouth behind a veil of beige fabric but leaving her eyes exposed. Her eyes themselves are gray-blue. She often paints her nails elaborately in vibrant, gaudy shades.


Nama is renowned for her eccentric personality. Though she is an effective leader, she has preposterously-strict standards for members of the Starlight Sector, and always maintains these standards punctiliously. She has no tolerance for those who ridicule her beliefs and is quick to engage in harsh verbal warfare with anyone who goes against her beliefs. More than anything, however, Nama is extremely intelligent and a brilliant debater; she easily comprehend others' points of view and come up with immediate counterarguments, a skill that Aiwass greatly admires her for.

Nama doesn't understand the importance of familial bonds, having never grown up with a traditional family. Because of this, she has little sympathy for her supporters' families and doesn't consider their needs legitimate.


Nama's parents were never present in her life; to this day, she still does not know their true identities.

Much of Nama's past remains obscure, as she divulges very little of her history with others. Her accent indicates that she has spent time in South Africa, but beyond this, almost nothing of her childhood or adolescence is known.


  • Blessing of the Great Old One: As a highly-ranked member of the Starlight Sector, Nama has been conferred a blessing from the Great Old One.
    • Enhanced Mental Capacity: Nama claims that her acute mental capabilities are the direct result of the Great Old One's influence.
    • Clairvoyance: Nama is able to see aspects of a person's future by examining their eyebrows, a talent Nama has dubbed "browepathy." Despite its dubious nature, the ability is extremely accurate.