The Starlight Sector is a new-age religious organization. They worship a deity known as the Great Old One, whom they believe visits Earth using a human avatar once in an era and will soon rid humanity of its undesirable facets in an event known as the Purge.


The Starlight Sector was founded in 2005 by Sraosha Nama in Thousand Oaks, California, beginning as little more than a small cult. Over several years, however, it rapidly gained membership until its roster ballooned to over 1,000 members by the end of 2007.

In January of 2008, the Starlight Sector's base of operations was moved from a rented property in Thousand Oaks to a disused warehouse in Los Angeles. However, the Starlight Sector was forced to leave the city in November of 2008 after being accused of orchestrating riots following the election of President Barack Obama. After fleeing Los Angeles, the Starlight Sector lost many of its members during what became known as the Great Pilgrimage, a trek of many hundred miles north from California into Washington. Once in Washington, the Sector's membership had shrunk to under 100 members. The remaining members established a new base of operations in an old mansion known as the Winter House. The re-established Starlight Sector also purposefully avoided the public eye, having been shamed in the riot scandal of 2008, and built several massive expansions onto the mansion that delved deep underground.

During the construction of these underground expansions, the Sector's members tapped into an old water drainage system that spanned hundreds of miles and incorporated large, cistern-like structures. The entirety of the drainage system was overrun with lush greenery and golden, spiderlily-like flowers. The Sector took advantage of this discovery and made the system into their new headquarters. They soon also discovered that the golden flowers, which blossomed exclusively in the underground tunnels, had extremely potent psychedelic properties. They covertly began selling the flowers to underground dealers, marketing them as "starlight blossoms," or simply "starlight."


The Starlight Sector currently has approximately 100 active members based out of the Winter House complex in Kettle Falls, Washington. Some of its more notable members are:

  • Sraosha Nama, the Starlight Sector's current leader. She is considered to be an earthly avatar of the Great Old One. Sraosha is known for her charismatic and highly eccentric personality. She is very superstitious and has little tolerance for those who make fun of her beliefs.
  • Aiwass, a founding member and Nama's unofficial second-in-command. Originally an immigrant from Italy, Aiwass abandoned his former identity and became devoted to Nama's teachings after experiencing "the touch of the Great Old One" during a near-death experience.
  • Olith Gerschewainne, a founding member. Gerschewainne is a sort of press secretary for the Starlight Sector, dealing with media and criticisms using his excellent writing and debating skills.
  • Dashiell Gordain, an older man from Nottingham, England. Gordain suffers from amnesia and has been convinced by Nama that dedicating his life to the teachings of the Great Old One will help him regain his lost memories.

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