Talon Ripley is a member of Penance. He and Shirah Valentino collectively possess the Ability of Lust.


Talon is a teenage boy of average height with a somewhat athletic build. He has tousled brown hair that reaches just over his ears in length. He also sports a chinstrap beard that he claims took months to cultivate. He frequently wears a gray shirt made of tight-fitting athletic material and a pair of black pants with expensive purple-and-yellow sneakers.

Before joining Penance, Talon had a different appearance. His hair was darker and longer, reaching just past the nape of his neck, and he had a paler complexion. He was also not as muscular, had no beard, and wore glasses.


Before becoming a member of Penance, Talon was extremely shy and had few friends in school. He was also a poor student, requiring assistance in a number of subjects. Because of his poor social and academic skills, Talon had a very low opinion of himself.

After joining Penance, Talon's personality changed dramatically. He is now open and very talkative, as well as being decisively opinionated and stubborn on a number of subjects. He is a good sport and enjoys playing competitively, even when he doesn't win. Talon frequently professes his love for Shirah Valentino, declaring her his soulmate and vowing to never let anything stand between the two of them.

Talon is a pathological liar and will often tell extremely exaggerated stories about himself and his exploits.


Before joining Penance, Talon attended La Salle Academy in New York City as a junior. He was a poor student and found himself in trouble of being ineligible for graduation. He sought out a tutor named Shirah Valentino, a senior at the Manhattan High School for Girls, to help him with his problem subjects. As Shirah worked with him over the course of several months, Talon steadily developed a crush on her. Upon confessing his feelings to a close friend, Talon was met with scathing criticism for doting on a Jewish girl. Talon decided to pursue Shirah regardless; he alienated his friends and began spending more time with Shirah. As a result, his grades improved greatly, but his friends came to dislike both him and Shirah.

At the end of the schoolyear, Talon asked Shirah out on what he believed was a date. During their outing, however, Shirah told Talon that she wanted to remain friends and that she already was in a committed relationship. Shortly thereafter, as Talon and Shirah were saying goodbye, they were both struck by a semi truck driven by a drunk driver. Both were hospitalized, but had severe injuries and were placed in intensive care. While in the ICU, Talon and Shirah were both visited by Virgil Gray, who, through unknown means, healed them after they both accepted membership into Penance.

Talon occasionally refers to a "choice" he was required to make before joining Penance. He has yet to elaborate on this.


  • Lust - The exact nature of Lust has yet to be revealed. It is known, however, that it can only be used when both Talon and Shirah are together. Virgil describes the ability as "powerful, but repulsive."

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