The Enforcement (properly known as the First Washington State Supernatural Response and Enforcement Corps) is an organization dedicated to maintaining peace among supernaturally-endowed humans and ordinary citizens. They operate out of Seattle, Washington, though their influence extends to surrounding areas.


The Enforcement was founded in 1989 as a response to the growing popularity of the Silver Initiative, and was initially comprised of former members of Skyway. Eventually the Enforcement developed the Ability ranking system and began sorting supernaturally-endowed humans by how much of a threat they posed to the general public. When the Enforcement's numbers exceeded those of the Silver Initiative in 1998, the Enforcement requeseted that the Initiative  be dissolved, as its pro-supernatural stance had taken a violent turn. In 1999, the Silver Initiative was formally dissolved, and many members became Enforcement agents themselves. The organization continued to expand, and now operates at over 20,000 members.

Notable MembersEdit

Current Members

  • Director - Sloan Onipchenko (2004-present)
    • Vice-Director - Marney Cavendish (1989-2003) (2004-present)
    • Vice-Director - Myrtle Baxter (1999-present)
  • Chief of Intelligence - Leon Wutend (1989-present)
    • Head Field Liaison - Alyke Hergovich (2011-present)
      • ​Junior Field Liaison - Jane Quinlisk (2012-present)
      • Junior Field Liaison - Ethan Golding (2012-present)
  • Chief of Technology and Development - Bruce Giúgovaz (1997-present)
  • Junior Officer - Riley Sparks (2013-present)
  • Junior Officer - Senja Koskela (2013-present)

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