Tongue (known by some practitioners as Caluminar) is a powerful language of spell-casting. Tongues act as spoken weapons that enable unique abilities when incantations are said aloud. Each Tongue has its own unique properties and origins. Tongues are not classified as true Abilities and thus do not register on the Enforcement's Threat Scale, though they are still treated as supernatural anomalies. Additionally, unlike a true Ability, more than one Tongue can be used simultaneously.

A person capable of using a Tongue is known as a Speaker.


The exact origin of the Tongues is a mystery, as they are currently spread far across the globe and appear in a wide variety of opposing styles. A hypothetical "Master Tongue" from which all other Tongues are derived has been proposed by some scholars, but there is little to no evidence to support the existence of this language.


Each Tongue features several distinct incantations that cause various effects. These incantations are separated into three categories: Offensive, Defensive, and Support, the last of which can be further divided into several sub-categories depending on an incantation's exact details.

Basic incantations consist of a few words and can be strung together to form longer, more complicated spells. Typically a basic incantation does not exceed three syllables. Speaking even a small incantation is physically taxing, and it can take years of training to speak a Tongue proficiently enough for consistent use in combat.

Known TonguesEdit

  • Gun Tongue: Practitioners of Gun Tongue use their words like bullets and fire projectile-like attacks at their opponents. This language tends to be fast-paced and good at destroying defenses. Known Speakers include:
  • Ink Tongue: Practitioners of Ink Tongue emphasize the balance of the body with elements of nature. Using ink-based incantations correctly requires fluid pronunciation and extensive practice. Generally this language focuses on Support more than Offense or Defensive. Known Speakers include:

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