Virgil Gray is the first and current leader of Penance. He is referred to by almost all of Penance's members as a "savior" and seems to have gained an almost cult-like following. He is classified as an Alpha Threat by the Enforcement and is one of three figures known as the Kings of the New Era.


Virgil is a relatively short young man, standing at only 5'6''. He has dark skin and buzz-cut black hair. He wears a white collared shirt, untucked and several sizes too large for him, as well as black pants and black shoes with an accompanying belt. He has a silver, domed thumb ring on his right hand that resembles a thimble. Virgil also has two prominent scars on his face; one runs from the bottom of his right ear under his jaw, and the other from the tip of his left eye around to the back of his head.


Virgil's public demeanor is calm and collected. He makes an effort to seem polite and proper to everyone he meets. He preaches nonviolence and claims to be a "reformed Buddhist." In private, however, Virgil displays a darker side of his personality, referring to those less intelligent than him as being "unenlightened." Virgil secretly possesses a nearly-flawless photographic memory that he uses to remember every aspect of everyone he comes into contact with.


Virgil was raised in a manor known as the Winter House, located in Kettle Falls, Washington. It was here that he first discovered his Ability.

From there, much of Virgil's past remains unknown, and aspects of his life don't always add up. He is recorded as having simultaneously attended Chandler High School in Arizona and Foreman High School in Illinois, and inexplicably appears in photographs from both institutions, though he uses the alias Maxwell Tourt in both instances. Virgil's exact likeness also appears in several photographs recorded in the Colville County Library that date back to 1964.


  • Alpha Threat Ability - Virgil possesses an as-of-yet-unidentified Ability. It is regarded by the Enforcement as the most dangerous of Penance's Abilities, automatically making Virgil an Alpha Threat. The scant details available mention that the Ability allows Virgil to tear apart the earth itself.